Who Are The Retreads?

Who we are….

A group of fun loving motorcycle enthusiasts, mostly, over the age of 40, who travel on two, three and four wheels. 

The Retreads always get more out of life!

Now the official description and some history from the International Retreads website:

The RETREADS® Motorcycle Club, International, Inc., is a not-for-profit, socially oriented corporation, organized and incorporated under the laws of the State of Kansas, of some 5,000+ members around the world, all of whom share two things: An age of 40 plus (XL+), and a love of motorcycling. In the early days of the club, when there were fewer organizations and clubs, RETREADS® membership climbed as high as 25,000! Today, with the factory sponsored clubs and various organizations and associations all vying for members, our numbers have shrunk, but the spirit and ideals under which the club was founded have not changed. The RETREADS® were founded by George Spidell, a Navy Chief Petty Officer, in El Cajon, California in 1969. Although it is an AMA Chartered Club, RETREADS® are not required to be AMA members. 

The International Officers consist of an International President, Secretary, Legislative Officer, and Referee (as required by the AMA), and an International Board of Directors (consisting of 6 Americans and 2 Canadians). Local officers consist of appointed Regional and Provincial Directors, as well as appointed State Reps, Assistant State Reps, and Area Reps.

George Spidell was the first president of the RETREADS® organization. He held office from 1969 until 1974, and then again from 1978 until 1981. Bob House later became president and served until just a few years ago when the reins were passed to Larry Patton. Larry Patton then passed the reins to Lloyd Smith, who relinquished them to Jim Mosley, and whose son, Jim Mosley III has now taken them.

A little history:

The name RETREADS® comes from the name of vehicle tires which were initially used during World War II. Retreading (putting new treads on used tires) was a process that permitted many civilians during the war years to continue to use their vehicles when their tires wore out, as new tires were very difficult, if not impossible to get during those rationing years. Similarly, many of us began our motorcycling years back when we were young. When we got married and started raising a family, many of us had no time or money available for such luxuries as motorcycles. However, once the children were well on their own, and free time and more money were available, our thoughts of motorcycles returned and we were itching to get back on the bikes we loved so much. So in a way, we were "Retreaded".