The  Retread Crest




THE CHIEF is a field of GOLD representing the Golden years, with the name Retreads thereon. The band sinister is BLUE and BLACK, upper sinister field being RED with Stallions in place. The lower dexter field being WHITE with Roman numerals XL in RED letters and the word "plus" underneath.

This insignia is a REGISTERED INSIGNIA and TRADEMARK in the United States of America and Canada.

THE NAME Retreads is obvious. We have reached an age where a retread has become necessary!

THE SHAPE of the Retreads crest was taken from a US Navy award presented for that which is considered to be the best!

THE GOLD FIELD at the top is to denote those Golden years over forty.

THE FIELD OF RED which contains the rampant stallion heads is for the valor and blood that we have shed.

THE STALLIONS who appear so proud, represent the strength and stamina of the Retreads. Used as a pair, they indicate that we work together as a team.

THE BAR SINISTER which slants upward from left to right across the field signifies the BLACK and BLUE marks that we all acquired while we were learning to ride.

THE FIELD OF WHITE symbolizes our purity of mind and thoughts, and also the color of our face in the first tight squeeze.

THE RED ROMAN NUMERALS XL "plus" designates our age of over forty... and as everyone knows, life really does begin at forty!

THE BLUE OVERBAR above the field of gold is reserved to designate the state or province in which the wearer resides.

WE....Wear this CREST with PRIDE. It designates you as a member of a select group that enjoys a wonderful sport, good times, many laughs and miles of open road.